Subrogator Magazine

The Subrogator Magazine is not only a member benefit, but it is also circulated at NASP’s Annual Conferences, Litigation Skills’ Conferences and at local chapter meetings around the nation. Recently, we added an electronic flipbook of the magazine where members can log on to the NASP website to view past and current issues of the Subrogator. To advertise in the magazine, to submit an article or to subscribe, keep on reading!

Advertise – 2019 Ad Order Form and Media Kit

Advertising in the Subrogator Magazine is the best way to get your company’s message to the businesses that need you most. Benefit from the exposure only the Subrogator can deliver, to the insurance industry, legal firms, forensic experts, and all types of investigators and engineers. Potential customers will be drawn to the magazine’s cutting-edge articles and advertisements! They all read and reference the Subrogator.

  • 35.1% of Subrogator Magazine readers have visited an advertiser’s website!*
  • 24.4% of Subrogator Magazine readers have saved an advertiser’s ad for future reference!*
  • 10.1% of Subrogator Magazine readers have contacted an advertiser for more information!*

*Information taken from NASP’s 2012 Subrogator readership survey

Submit an Article

NASP publishes the Subrogator magazine two times per year; a spring/summer issue (published in March of each year) and a fall/winter issue (published in September of each year). When proposing an article, please include your full name, company name and contact information. Please do not write educational articles in first-person. NASP reserves the rights to your article once is has been submitted. If your article has been selected for publication, please be advised that materials may not be reproduced without permission.

General Format: The majority of educational articles fall under this category. Submit your article in Word format, include author name, company and title. Any and all pictures must be submitted in a high-resolution (300 DPI or higher) format. Maximum of 2,500 words.

Recovery and Case Summaries: Share your best recovery efforts with the readership. All submissions describing large recovery successes, recovery obtained by overcoming obstacles and “weird subro” will be considered. Maximum of 350 words, submitted in Word format, include author name, company and title.

State-Specific Subrogation: All articles regarding state-specific subrogation will be considered. Maximum of 500 words, submitted in Word format, include author name, company and title.


The ad and article deadline for the 2019 fall/winter issue: June 1, 2019.


The Subrogator Magazine is only provided to NASP Members. To receive your hard-copy or online version of the Subrogator Magazine, please consider becoming a member.

Any questions, please contact