NASP Presenter Content Usage Policy


This Presenter Content Usage Policy is designed to ensure that all presenters have the legal permission to use photos, videos, charts, and other materials in their presentations. This policy aims to protect the rights of content owners and prevent any potential legal issues related to copyright infringement.

Policy Statement:

  1. Scope: This policy applies to all NASP presenters, speakers, or contributors who wish to use visual or multimedia content in presentations, seminars, workshops, or any other events where they represent the organization. The content in question may include but is not limited to photos, videos, charts, graphs, illustrations, and other visual materials.
  2. Ownership and Permission: Presenters must ensure they have legal permission to use all visual materials in their presentations. This includes obtaining the necessary rights and licenses from content creators or copyright owners. Permission can be in the form of licenses, contracts, or other written agreements.
  3. Original Content: If presenters are the creators or owners of the content they plan to use, they should clearly state this in their presentations.
  4. Attribution: When required by the content owner, presenters must provide proper attribution or credit to the original creator or copyright holder. This should be clearly displayed on the presentation slides or mentioned during the presentation.
  5. Fair Use and Public Domain: Presenters should be aware of fair use and public domain principles. If they believe that their use of content falls within fair use or that the content is in the public domain, they should be prepared to provide a valid justification.
  6. Infringement Liability: Presenters must understand that they are solely responsible for any legal consequences resulting from copyright infringement.
  7. Record-Keeping: Presenters are required to keep records of permissions, licenses, or any other relevant documentation that demonstrates their legal right to use the content. This documentation may be requested by the organization at any time.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the following consequences:

  • The presentation may be rejected or not allowed to proceed.
  • The presenter may be subject to disciplinary actions as per NASP’s policies, including but not limited to, restrictions to speak at NASP events in the future.
  • Legal consequences may arise if copyright infringement occurs, and the presenter will be personally liable.

Review and Updates:

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any updates or revisions will be communicated to presenters as necessary.