Subro College 300

Subrogating the Product Liability Claim

NASP is pleased to introduce a new offering in the  Subro College educational series –  Subro College 300. Subro College 300 contains seven modules in a pre-taped webinar series covering various  aspects of a Product Liability claim. Each  recording is approximately 60 minutes long. NASP commissioned  a highly- qualified and experienced team of attorneys to create this program. We are confident that you will receive valuable information that can assist you in everyday product liability claim handling.

The seven modules include:

  • Theories of Recovery
  • Evidence Considerations in Subrogation Investigation
  • Conducting Scene Investigations, Identifying Products and Aggregating Product Liability Claims
  • Expert Involvement in Product Testing and Litigating Product Liability Claims
  • Keys to recover when alleging Design or Manufacturing Defect
  • Defenses to Product Liability Claims
  • Damages in Product Liability Claims


Contact Cherish Diviney at with any questions or concerns.

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