Subro College Management

This is a management-level one day presentation designed for subrogation managers. Attendees will be challenged to consider specific subrogation issues that they may or may not have previously faced. The course objectives are for managers to be able to apply fresh ideas and concepts as they carry out their responsibilities on a daily basis in their operations. In addition, we will expose attendees to existing issues that may not only arise on a daily basis, but also those more uncommon matters that the effective subrogation manager must also be able to resolve.  This program is intended to better equip each attendee in developing appropriate strategies to deal with some of the major issues faced throughout the subrogation industry in today’s environment.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Subrogation Management Philosophy/Tenets
  • Subrogation Management Opportunities/Challenges
  • Gaining and Maintaining Support of Upper Leadership
  • Attracting Talent To The Subrogation Operation
  • Utilization of Corporate Law/House Counsel
  • Effective partnerships with Subrogation Counsel and Service Providers.


Contact Cherish Diviney at with any questions or concerns.

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