The National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP), a not-for-profit trade association, was established in November 1998.

The birth of the organization dates back to a meeting set up by Joseph Sommer, an attorney in private practice. Sommer had been involved in subrogation for most of his legal career. Struck by the lack of educational opportunities available to subrogation professionals, Sommer decided to hold a national subrogation seminar in Scottsdale. He had such faith that subrogation people would want to attend this meeting that he personally guaranteed its financial success. He put together the best list of subrogation people he could muster and sent out invitations.

One of these invitations landed on the desk of Jeff Baill, a subrogation attorney in Minnesota. Baill had discussed the lack of educational opportunities in subrogation with Sommer in the past. Although Baill belonged to the plaintiff’s trial lawyer association, he never felt welcomed or well-served. The other members at those meetings always suggested Baill did not belong there because he worked for insurance companies. Baill felt he was a true plaintiff’s lawyer. The only difference between him and other members of the group was that Baill’s clients were insurers.

Jeff Baill had a strong desire to form an association dedicated to the needs of the subrogation profession. His insurance clients had the same feelings. When Baill received notice of Sommer’s planned meeting, he immediately contacted Sommer and asked if he could present the concept of a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to subrogation. Sommer invited Baill to make the presentation at the Scottsdale meeting.

When Baill spoke to the group of approximately 70 people involved in the field of subrogation, he immediately realized they shared his passion for subrogation and the desire to organize. A small group formed. Soon after, they incorporated and put together a small board of directors. This initial board included some of the national leaders of subrogation departments around the country. This was the beginning of NASP.

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