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Subrogator Facts

Subrogator was redesigned in the spring of 2009. The response to the new look has been overwhelmingly positive and has sparked an increase in readership and advertisers. Since it's first copy it has increased circulation at an impressive pace.

Circulation: 10,000.

Submit an Article

NASP publishes the Subrogator magazine three times per year; a winter issue, a spring/summer issue and a fall issue. On average, twelve articles are chosen per magazine. The more relevant an article is to each particular issue’s theme parallels its chance to be published.

An article must be submitted as a Word document and should be a maximum of 2,500 words. When proposing an article, please include your full name, company name and contact information.

Once the deadline to submit an article has passed, the articles will be compiled and presented to NASP’s Editorial Committee for review. The Committee will assess each article and decide whether or not the article should be published. The author will be notified by email if his/her article has been selected. If necessary, the Committee will revise articles in preparation for publication. The Committee will also provide assistance and guidance on matters of article content. Authors may be contacted to clarify or to elaborate on facts in the articles.

Any article that includes any type of solicitation will not be selected.

NASP reserves the rights to your article once is has been submitted. If you article has been selected for publication, please be advised that materials may not be reproduced without permission.

We look forward to receiving your articles!

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