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This is the best way to get your company's message to the businesses that need you most. Benefit from the exposure only the Subrogator® can deliver, to the insurance industry, legal firms, forensic experts, and all types of investigators and engineers. Potential customers will be drawn to the magazine's cutting-edge articles and advertisements! They all read and reference the Subrogator®.

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Subrogator Facts

Subrogator was redesigned in the spring of 2009. The response to the new look has been overwhelmingly positive and has sparked an increase in readership and advertisers. Since it's first copy, it has increased circulation at an impressive pace.

The Subrogator is not only mailed to all NASP members, but it is also circulated at NASP's Annual Conferences, Litigation Skills' Conferences and at local chapter meetings around the nation. Recently, we added an electronic flipbook of the magazine where members can log on to the NASP website to view past and current issues of the Subrogator. Your ad will be visible for years to come.

  • 35.1% of Subrogator Magazine readers have visited an advertiser's website!*
  • 24.4% of Subrogator Magazine readers have saved an advertiser's ad for future reference!*
  • 10.1% of Subrogator Magazine readers have contacted an advertiser for more information!*

*Information taken from NASP’s 2012 Subrogator readership survey


The Subrogator Magazine is provided to NASP Members. To receive your hard-copy or online version of the Subrogator Magazine, please visit the Membership Application.

Submit an Article

NASP publishes the Subrogator magazine three times per year; a winter issue, a spring/summer issue and a fall issue. On average, twelve articles are chosen per magazine. The more relevant an article is to each particular issue's theme increases its chance to be published.

All general articles must be submitted as Word documents and should be a maximum of 2,500 words. When proposing an article, please include your full name, company name and contact information.

To view other article requirements, please visit the downloads page.

Any article that includes any type of solicitation will not be selected.

NASP reserves the rights to your article once is has been submitted. If you article has been selected for publication, please be advised that materials may not be reproduced without permission.

We look forward to receiving your articles!


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