Legislative Affairs Committee Update – Bills in AL, AR, CT, IL, IA, KY and more updated


Arkansas House Bill 1953 would make changes to certain workers’ compensation laws. Relating to subrogation, the bill provides that the injured employee is entitled to any amount of a settlement or judgment remaining after the employer or its carrier has been reimbursed work comp benefits paid. Additionally, an employer or its carrier would be entitled to a future credit in the amount paid to the injured employee from the settlement or judgment. No further work comp benefits for the third party injury would be paid until the future credit is exhausted…

Kentucky House Bill 296 deals with several changes to the state’s workers’ compensation system. Of interest to NASP members, the bill would revise the subrogation rights of employers and their insurers. Currently, after paying or becoming liable for compensation, the employer or its insurer may pursue, in either its own name or the name of the injured employee, a liable third party for recovery of indemnity paid and payable to the injured employee, less the employee’s legal fees and expenses….For the full update, please click here.